Keisuke Zenyoji played Komuso-Shakuhachi music with Katana

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On October 8, 2020, Keisuke Zenyoji performed using the AireedX 331D at the 14th Annual Keisuke Zenyoji Shakuhachi Concert held at Tokyo Toppan Hall.

Keisuke Zenyoji used the AireedX 331D (custom made by Keisuke Zenyoji) in his composition “Compositional Music with Koku and Midarerinzetsu”, which was created in collaboration with koto artist Showa Yamato, to beautifully capture the scene in ancient times where the sound of koto leaking from a traditional Japanese house and the melody of bamboo on the street intersect. (October 8, 2020, Toppan Hall, Tokyo).
Keisuke Zenyoji is an official partner artist of AireedX.

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