Art Works

Uguisu takes flights
Zac Zinger
(ft. Kana Dehara McCoy)
from the composition of Koku and Midare Rinzetsu
Keisuke Zenyoji
(ft. Showa Yamato)
from Stillness and Motion 2
Dozan Fujiwara
(ft. Keiko)
Zac ZInger
(ft.Yukihiko Mitsuka)
Hoshi no Furusato
Yukihiko Mitsuka
Snow Flower
Yukihiko Mitsuka
(ft. Yuta Matsumura)
Autumn Nursery Rhyme Suite
Ecorma ensemble
(Shakuhachi Yukihiko Mitsuka)






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Katana Review

Zac Zinger

Composer, Arranger and Multi Instrumentalist



”if a bamboo shakuhachi is like a Rolls Royce, Katana is kind of like a Lamborghini, it’s very powerful, it just takes off and the response is so quick”
”possibilities are really endless.
It’s a simple instrument but there’s still so many customizable options about it and it’s really just a process of experimentation so I’m excited to see what comes next “



Zac ZInger official site

Keisuke Zenyoji

Japanese Traditional Shakuhachi music Artist



“It’s very responsive, and the rationale for the sound is very condensed, which makes it even sharper”
“If I have something that sings to myself, I don’t need color for my shakuhachi as a catalyst that responds clearly, rather it should be colorless and transparent. Katana reminds me this”


Keisuke Zenyoji Official site